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First Responder and Search and Rescue teams need notification software they can rely on. In this line of work, every second counts. People depend on their lifesaving work, and without the right communication, that work loses efficiency and focus. The HipLink team knows the importance of fast and accurate communication. That’s why we provide the perfect notification software for first responders and search and rescue teams. Here’s how we meet First Responder and SAR communication and messaging needs to save time, while saving lives.


Immediate Action

First Responder and SAR teams have to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Their communication software should do the same. Thankfully, that’s exactly what HipLink does. HipLink provides the fastest notification software for immediate critical communication. With full escalation, SAR team members can be sure that the right people get the message, every time. When it comes to Search and Rescue, teams can’t afford to waste even a second. With HipLink, they won’t have to.


Total Reliability

First Responder and SAR teams can’t have anything less than complete reliability. Even one lost message is one too many when people’s lives are on the line. Thankfully, HipLink’s notification software gets the message where it needs to go, every time.


Relevant Messaging

HipLink provides software for all your critical messaging needs. If you need messages that target only those who are on duty at any given moment, we can help with that. You can also use the escalation option, so that if one person doesn’t respond, the next person in line gets the message.


Fast Updates

A search and rescue situation can change in an instant. When that happens, every relevant person needs to get updates. HipLink makes it easier for First Responders and SAR teams to send and receive those updates with our critical notification software. This way, rescues can happen quickly, with limited complications.


Utmost Simplicity

Of course, speed means nothing if it doesn’t also come with simplicity. There’s no reason to complicate your communication, especially when pressured with lifesaving work. HipLink provides one of the simplest choices in communication. It works within your existing system, and is completely user-friendly.

Notification Software

Looking for the best notification software for your first responder teams? Let HipLink handle your communication needs. Request your free demo today. First Responder and SAR teams face a lot of difficulties on the job. Communication doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Energy and utility companies need mobile communications. These companies have several departments and need accurate communication between all of them. Most importantly, though, these companies deal with powerful resources. When it comes to oil, gas, and electricity, communication can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a critical emergency. That’s why HipLink provides the best, most accurate communication options for utility companies.


On-Duty Mobile Communications

Mobile communications technology should have plenty of flexibility. HipLink provides that flexibility on several levels. Utility companies often use HipLink because of its targeted employee communication options. For example, you may only need to communicate with employees who are on-duty at the moment. In that case, HipLink’s software will allow you to filter and communicate with only those on duty or on call.


Specific Permission Levels 

Sometimes, energy companies need to alert just a few specific people to a potential emergency. HipLink can help you make your communication as specific as you want it to be. With varying permission levels, you can send messages to the exact people who need to receive them. Furthermore, with HipLink’s escalation, you can be sure that your message will not be missed.


Company-Wide Alerts

In the case of major emergencies, you may need to contact your entire company. HipLink allows you to do that, too. With HipLink, you can speed up your messages with pre-designed templates. This saves time, and allows for the communicator to add in all the vital information. Our web-based system always delivers the message where it needs to go, so you’ll never have to worry about downtime. You can even track your messages to make sure that they got where they needed to go, and whether or not the message was read by the receiver.


IT Alerts

What about technology-related emergencies? HipLink can speed up your communication. Plenty of utility companies use HipLink for their IT mobile communications needs. When utility Tech Support teams need to schedule downtimes, communicate with one another, or alert the rest of the company about emergencies, HipLink provides the best choice for communicating those messages.


Mobile Communications with HipLink

Looking for the best mobile communications options for your utility company? HipLink has you covered. Our easy-to-install system works on any operating system, and our user-friendly interface means that you’ll learn the ropes in no time. Ready to get started with HipLink? Contact us today. We’re here to answer your questions, provide your free HipLink demo, or help you download a trial. The HipLink team would love to hear from you.

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When you absolutely must send secure messages, only the best paging systems will make the cut. Your business and your clients depend on this top-level security. That’s why older, outdated paging systems just can’t get the job done. Thankfully, HipLink offers a better option. With HipLink’s integrative application paging, you can send easy, efficient, and secure messages as often as necessary.


Paging Systems for All Kinds of Industries

The IT Industry, which relies on up-to-the-minute communication, uses HipLink’s paging software to get the message where it needs to go, at a moment’s notice.


Likewise, the healthcare industry uses HipLink to save time and to deliver information in a timely manner. Healthcare communication has to be both far-reaching and very specific. HipLink provides both the breadth and depth that healthcare facilities need.


Dispatchers can automatically send messages to first responders, reducing the amount of voice traffic. They use incident codes to trigger pages to special units or shift commanders. HipLink supports integrations with CAD systems, to make message delivery seamless.


Of course, these are just a few of the industries that use that HipLink’s paging systems. In fact, businesses of all shapes and sizes use HipLink for the most secure communication.


Beyond the Pager

As you can imagine, HipLink’s paging systems can do everything that a regular pager can do. However, HipLink takes it much further. For one thing, HipLink offers customizable messages for everything from basic communication to high-stakes emergencies. HipLink also offers much more reliability and information than outdated paging systems can offer.


With HipLink’s reporting and statistics, you can actually use the data that you create during communication. Outdated pagers certainly don’t go that far. With HipLink, however, you can notice data patterns that will help you make faster, informed decisions.


Secure Messages

Finally, HipLink lets you send secure messages every time you use your paging system. HipLink conforms to HIPAA regulations, which means you never have to fear that one of your messages will fall into the wrong hands. HipLink also comes with message encryption so that those who use these paging systems can communicate without hesitation.


HipLink Paging Solutions

Need a new paging system for your business? With HipLink, you can send secure messages for any situation. Let HipLink help you speed up your communication. Are you ready to see how HipLink can work for you? Contact us today to request a demo or get your free trial download.

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Interested in enterprise texting? Plenty of business owners feel the same way. Enterprise texting can absolutely revitalize a business’s communication. As a matter of fact, when you use enterprise texting from computer systems, your business communication can experience all of the benefits listed below.


Paging Systems

Texting from a computer is an efficient way to get accurate and effective paging. First of all, this provides convenience. When you can use your computer for enterprise texting, you get a centralized hub for sending and storing all messages. You have all of your information in one spot. Texting from a computer also gives you an easier way to get real-time reports and updates for all of your communication.


Secure Messaging

When you use enterprise texting from other computer sources, your messages stay secure. In fact, HipLink’s business enterprise system offers some of the safest methods of communication. For example, you can make sure that your messages get sent to the right people - and only the right people. When sending sensitive messaging, you have the option to escalate critical messages or alerts messages automatically, until they are acknowledged. With HipLink’s Powerful Grouping feature, you can easily define who is on-duty, who is included in the escalation, rotation, or broadcast group. This way, you can stay on top of any urgent situation that happens within your company.


No-Hassle Urgent Messages

When your messages come with utmost urgency, texting from a computer can remove a lot of stress and time and allow the message to have as much or as little details as possible. Of course, all of HipLink’s solutions can give you the speed that you need. With HipLink, you can integrate automatic alerts into your existing system, making urgent communication easy. HipLink lets you establish an emergency plan that involves top-level communication. With HipLink, you can also launch emergency drill messages for practice and preparedness. If a real emergency occurs, your team will know exactly what to do.


Texting from Computer Systems

Ready to see how much easier your communication can get when you use texting from computer systems? Let HipLink help. Combined with the secure and easy to manage HipLink Platform, the HipLink Mobile App improves overall communication throughout the organization, regardless of location. Don’t just take our word for it, though. You can try HipLink for yourself. Request your demo today.

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When sending emergency text alerts, a fast and reliable communication service is essential. Thankfully, HipLink has exactly what you need. In fact, with HipLink, you have several options for mass notifications. Here’s how HipLink can help you act fast during an emergency.


Integrated Application Paging

Often times, emergency situations require sending broad, general messages to a large group of people. However, sometimes detailed instructions or alerts need to be sent to an individual or a smaller group of people. For the more specific and detailed messages, integrated application paging can help expedite the communication. HipLink’s integrated application paging can work with any third-party application to deliver critical messages.









Desktop Paging

Desktop paging works best when an individual person must send emergency text alerts to a group of people. Desktop paging allows a person to send notifications from a computer to any mobile device. The computer adds a layer of speed and convenience to this communication, for an efficient means of getting messages to the right people.  


Mass Notification

HipLink has mass notification options for messages that need to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. For example, hospitals, schools, and even cities use HipLink’s mass notification software for their emergency text alerts. These alerts are customizable, programmable, and come with other options for your convenience so that you can get a quick and prepared response. They work from virtually any device, which means that you can send SMS text alerts, , pages, and so much more.


HipLink Mobile

For emergency text alerts and other critical communication, HipLink Mobile can help. HipLink Mobile is an application designed for Apple and Android devices. With this app, you can send encrypted notifications and text messages securely. This product works well for medical entities that require security and compliance.


Emergency Text Alerts

For fast and reliable emergency text alerts, HipLink provides the service that you need. Want to see how HipLink can work for you? Download your free trial to find out how HipLink can help you with emergency text alerts.

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