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Many industries and organizations use critical communication and emergency messaging to ensure safety and to save lives. With the most up-to-date technology, these organizations communicate quickly and safely during those times when they need communication the most. When you choose your emergency communication software, though, make sure that it comes with fast, easy installation and overall user-friendliness. These factors can make or break your experience and your software’s potential. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Emergency Messaging That Works Immediately

An easy installation is a quick installation. Few things are more complicated than being “between” emergency messaging systems. When an emergency happens, system disruptions can derail your communication. While you phase out the old system and implement the new one, how will you communicate in case of an emergency? The faster you install your critical communication software, the faster it’s available for you in case of an emergency. You need a communication system with fast and easy installation so that you can have it when you need it.

Overall User-Friendliness

Your emergency messaging and critical communication system needs user-friendliness. The more user-friendly the system, the faster your leadership team and staff members can learn how to use it. HipLink's grouping feature saves time and simplifies broadcasting messages easily to the right people. HipLink Software is not only easy to set up, it can communicate with any device such as a desktop computer, cell phone, pager, smartphone, tablet, email, fax, alarm or electronic signage. The HipLink Mobile app is FirstNet Approved, so you can send CJIS compliant, encrypted messaging to any smart phone or desktop. When you choose a system that’s easy to install, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.

Critical Communication with HipLink

For the best critical communication software with easy installation, HipLink has everything that your business or organization needs. With HipLink, you can install your software quickly so that if an emergency strikes, you’ll be ready. When you waste time, you risk lives. Don’t fall victim to a difficult installation process. Request your free demo now to find out how HipLink can transform your emergency messaging.

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More than almost any other industry, healthcare requires excellent, consistent, communication software. Healthcare team can’t afford to waste a single second on unreliable communication. Thankfully, with the right communication software, you can save time and save lives. Does your healthcare communication provide the following essentials? If not, it’s time to switch to a different, more dependable software. HipLink can provide exactly what you need.


Speed and Reliability

When lives are on the line, you need fast, reliable communication. In hospitals and other medical settings, critical messages have to get delivered, and fast. Your healthcare communication software should have the fastest possible speeds to ensure patient safety. Furthermore, it should also have complete reliability. If your communication system doesn’t have reliable uptime, then your team could face slow response times in the face of emergencies. Don’t gamble time with a slow and unreliable system. In this line of work, every second matters. Make sure that you get the best communication software available.


Complete Clarity

Healthcare teams may have communication speed, but they could sacrifice their clarity in the process. They need to send messages quickly, but the messages are often missing important information. Teams need clarity just as much as speed in their communication software. Predetermined messages can help get that clarity in as little time as possible. Having complete security also helps. When you know that your information is secure and encrypted, you can share that information with all relevant parties without fear of interception. This way, health care professionals and first responders continue to communicate on the specifics of patient care, and the patients get the critical care that they need.

Absolute Mobility

You’re not getting the most out of your communication software unless that software has plenty of mobility. With texting and paging options, you can take your communication on the go. With the FirstNet Certified HipLink Mobile app, users are connected for reliable and fast messaging. Whether it's a call center-to-physician or clinician-to-clinician using HIPAA compliant chat, being able to send full patient details can make it easier and faster to coordinate proper care. Sending and receiving HIPAA compliant text messages is vital to your day. Smartphones with a FirstNet Certified HipLink Mobile app for sending critical, secure communication can dramatically change the workflow and enable fast, accurate notifications in a direct, simplified process.

HipLink Communication Software

Are you ready to get all of this and more from your communication software? HipLink offers reliable, fast, clear communication software with state-of-the-art customization options. If you need the best from your communication, then you need to call HipLink. Get in touch with us now to find out how you can transform your communication today.

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Are you getting everything you need from your desktop paging software? Is your enterprise texting service providing you with the best communication? If you’re using HipLink Software, then the answer to both of those questions is, “Yes!” HipLink’s full-service communication software provides businesses the critical notification support that they need.


Mass Notification and Targeted Communication

When it comes to desktop paging, enterprise texting, and other forms of business critical communication, you need to make sure that your messages always get delivered, and delivered to the right people. That’s exactly what HipLink does. Do you need a mass communication resource in case of emergencies? HipLink provides fast, reliable notification resources for mass alerts. What about more specific communication? HipLink also provides targeted communication resources so that the correct parties can take action, fast.


Scalable for Any Business or Organization

How scalable is your communication software? Does it seamlessly fit your organization’s needs? With HipLink Software, it can. HipLink’s services such as desktop paging, enterprise texting, and more are all completely scalable. When you don’t have the right amount of resources, your communication can stagnate. Don’t wait until an emergency to find out whether or not you have what you need. Get HipLink and rest assured that you have all of the right resources.

Third-Party Integration

Communication software such as desktop paging software should offer as much simplicity as possible. That’s why HipLink has seamless third-party integration. You can integrate HipLink Software with any third-party application so that you don’t have to change your entire system. Furthermore, HipLink supports all carrier communications and protocols. There’s no need for added complications with HipLink.

Absolute Support

You need communication software with absolute support. After all, what good is communication software without communication on all levels? When you need help or have questions about your software, the HipLink team is on your side. We offer support at every step of the way, whenever you need it. Don’t settle for a software team that isn’t there to support your needs.

Desktop Paging, Enterprise Texting, and More

Whatever your communication needs may be, HipLink is ready to take care of them with top-level, premium communication. With desktop paging, enterprise texting, and more, HipLink provides precise, fast reliable notification software. Want to see what HipLink can do for you? Request your free demo today.



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First Responder and Search and Rescue teams need notification software they can rely on. In this line of work, every second counts. People depend on their lifesaving work, and without the right communication, that work loses efficiency and focus. The HipLink team knows the importance of fast and accurate communication. That’s why we provide the perfect notification software for first responders and search and rescue teams. Here’s how we meet First Responder and SAR communication and messaging needs to save time, while saving lives.

Immediate Action

First Responder and SAR teams have to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Their communication software should do the same. Thankfully, that’s exactly what HipLink does. HipLink provides the fastest notification software for immediate critical communication. With full escalation, SAR team members can be sure that the right people get the message, every time. When it comes to Search and Rescue, teams can’t afford to waste even a second. With HipLink, they won’t have to.

Total Reliability

First Responder and SAR teams can’t have anything less than complete reliability. Even one lost message is one too many when people’s lives are on the line. Thankfully, HipLink’s notification software gets the message where it needs to go, every time.


Relevant Messaging

HipLink provides software for all your critical messaging needs. If you need messages that target only those who are on duty at any given moment, we can help with that. You can also use the escalation option, so that if one person doesn’t respond, the next person in line gets the message.


Fast Updates

A search and rescue situation can change in an instant. When that happens, every relevant person needs to get updates. HipLink makes it easier for First Responders and SAR teams to send and receive those updates with our critical notification software. This way, rescues can happen quickly, with limited complications.

Utmost Simplicity

Of course, speed means nothing if it doesn’t also come with simplicity. There’s no reason to complicate your communication, especially when pressured with lifesaving work. HipLink provides one of the simplest choices in communication. It works within your existing system, and is completely user-friendly.

Notification Software

Looking for the best notification software for your first responder teams? Let HipLink handle your communication needs. Request your free demo today. First Responder and SAR teams face a lot of difficulties on the job. Communication doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Energy and utility companies need mobile communications. These companies have several departments and need accurate communication between all of them. Most importantly, though, these companies deal with powerful resources. When it comes to oil, gas, and electricity, communication can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a critical emergency. That’s why HipLink provides the best, most accurate communication options for utility companies.


On-Duty Mobile Communications

Mobile communications technology should have plenty of flexibility. HipLink provides that flexibility on several levels. Utility companies often use HipLink because of its targeted employee communication options. For example, you may only need to communicate with employees who are on-duty at the moment. In that case, HipLink’s software will allow you to filter and communicate with only those on duty or on call.


Specific Permission Levels 

Sometimes, energy companies need to alert just a few specific people to a potential emergency. HipLink can help you make your communication as specific as you want it to be. With varying permission levels, you can send messages to the exact people who need to receive them. Furthermore, with HipLink’s escalation, you can be sure that your message will not be missed.


Company-Wide Alerts

In the case of major emergencies, you may need to contact your entire company. HipLink allows you to do that, too. With HipLink, you can speed up your messages with pre-designed templates. This saves time, and allows for the communicator to add in all the vital information. Our web-based system always delivers the message where it needs to go, so you’ll never have to worry about downtime. You can even track your messages to make sure that they got where they needed to go, and whether or not the message was read by the receiver.


IT Alerts

What about technology-related emergencies? HipLink can speed up your communication. Plenty of utility companies use HipLink for their IT mobile communications needs. When utility Tech Support teams need to schedule downtimes, communicate with one another, or alert the rest of the company about emergencies, HipLink provides the best choice for communicating those messages.


Mobile Communications with HipLink

Looking for the best mobile communications options for your utility company? HipLink has you covered. Our easy-to-install system works on any operating system, and our user-friendly interface means that you’ll learn the ropes in no time. Ready to get started with HipLink? Contact us today. We’re here to answer your questions, provide your free HipLink demo, or help you download a trial. The HipLink team would love to hear from you.

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