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Create Business-Specific Alarm Management Protocols to Boost Response Time

Most businesses have some form of alarm system in place to monitor employee safety or the security of the premises. The effectiveness of these systems relies heavily on the speed and accuracy of the responses they generate.

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Streamline Critical Event Management With Instantaneous Outreach

Emergencies and service disruptions are a staple in today’s business world. How they impact your business depends on your response and level of preparedness. Without the right solution, your company would struggle to detect, respond, and recover from critical threats such as:

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Can an SMS Alert System Help Your Company Maintain Mission-Critical Communications?

Life is unpredictable in today’s world. You can’t be too prepared for an emergency. Keeping your workers safe and informed is a top priority to avoid costly lawsuits and protect your business from service interruption. Traditionally, emails, push notifications, and phone calls were the way to go, but they’re not as effective.

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Critical Event Management Technology can be a Life Saver During a Wildfire

Wildfires which result in millions of acres of damage every year. Perhaps the scariest part of these fires is that they can occur without warning, and because of how rapidly they spread, they can grow to great sizes before the fight against them begins.


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Be Prepared for Inclement Weather with Critical Event Management Technology

Bad weather can do a lot more than ruin outdoor plans. Natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes can cause devastation and be both deadly and costly. According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes were the leading cause of weather-related fatalities in 2020. Often, people don’t consider preparing in advance for tornadoes and other severe weather, but being prepared and having a plan ahead of time is crucial. Critical event management software automates and streamlines manual processes allowing for an organization to:

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The Role of IT Management Software in Ransomware Prevention and Response

If you’re working in IT In 2022, diligence is your watchword (or one of them). At every turn, there are hackers and thieves trying to steal your information and that of your customers. That’s why it is vital to have IT management software to help prevent and respond to attacks. 

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IT Solutions Series #8: How to Communicate with Groups Outside of the IT Team

Welcome to our blog series about the 8 Solutions to Resolve IT Incidents Faster. For the eighth IT incident in this series we will be looking at how to effectively communicate with internal and external groups outside of the IT team, ensuring that these communications occur as efficiently as possible.

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IT Solutions Series #7: How to Prioritize Alerts to Prevent Missing the Important Ones

Welcome to our blog series about the 8 Solutions to Resolve IT Incidents Faster. For our seventh IT incident in this series we will be looking at how to prioritize alerts to prevent you from missing the most important ones.

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IT Solutions Series #6: How to Easily Escalate Issues to the Right Team

Welcome back to our series “8 Solutions to Resolve IT Incidents Faster”. This time, we’re looking at how to easily escalate issues to the right team so the right people are responding to each incident.

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